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Empathy Nursing & Social Care is a registered nursing and social care agency that has the responsibility of recruiting and equipping individuals who have a passion in the social and healthcare sector. It is a subsidiary of the Empathy Private Ltd Group. Within the Empathy Nursing & Social Care provisions, we have:

  • EMPATHY CARE- Providing home care services
  • EMPATHY SOCIAL CARE – Providing social and live-in care services
  • EMPATHY NURSING – Providing agency staff for hospitals, nursing homes and specialized care services

Our service provision start with recruitment and after recruiting these individuals, it is our responsibility to equip them with adequate professional training before any engagements with people in-need of support. Our engagement with staff does not end after recruitment and training. Empathy Nursing & Social Care is an agency that has a unique approach towards the provision of care and support. To make sure that our staff provides quality service, we have a system of evaluating each individual's performance after a certain period of time depending on their engagements. We pride ourselves on delivering suitably skilled and qualified staff. We provide temporary and permanent staff to organisations, which expands to private, voluntary, and public sector establishments. We have competent and caring recruitment consultants that listen to candidates and clients on an individual basis and act upon requests, which will enable all to reach a successful staffing solution.

Our Vision

By means of empathy, a great painting becomes a mirror of the self. It is our vision at Empathy Nursing & Social Care that every person who receives our support and help will feel comfortable, respected and acknowledged as an individual like any other person irrespective of ability, age, gender or race. It is our target that within the next five years, Empathy Nursing & Social Care will become a household name in England and Wales when it comes to social and healthcare service delivery. The service we provide is more centered on being empathetic than being sympathetic for it is our desire to work along people we support than working over them. Our person centered approach towards every individual in-need of support makes it easier for our nurses and carers to see a human being first before they see any disability or hear about a diagnosis. We are a people-centered company, and we rely upon high caliber, highly motivated and experienced staff to provide a service that will produce outstanding results. We desire to implement rigorous procedures to ensure that all of our staff are up to date with professional best practice and follow well defined appraisal and professional development programs to enable approval and re-accreditation with their relevant professional bodies.


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    “Even though we lost our lovely mother, I feel humbled by the type of care she received in her last days from Empathy. The carers were all amazing to mum keeping her so comfortable, treating her with such love, great care and consideration to keep everything dignified. management of Empathy Care should be proud of their team and I will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”

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    “It is not easy to have somebody to come and live with you in your house but when I started using Empathy Care, every step was taken in a very professional manner that it was easy for the carers to settle in and for me to know them very well. One thing I like about their service is the ability to promote continuity for I only know two individuals and they are so familiar with my personal and health needs.”

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    “Each and every provider always seems to present their strengths and weaknesses but when I started working with Empathy Nursing, something unique became visible – PROFESSIONALISM. Every time we contacted them with requests they always deliver. We will continue using them as our main supplier for RGNs and Support Workers.”

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