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What is live-in care?

Live-in Care enables anyone with care needs to continue living in their own home with a round-the-clock care worker available to support whenever required. If you have specific needs or you just need some companionship Empathy Care is the right provider for you. We will provide that extra support you require through this Live-in service. It is a service that provides a realistic and affordable alternative to moving into a care home for you will have somebody well trained to be with you 24 hours a day.

By living in your home, our care workers can help you to live independently and it is our desire to see you happy within familiar environments. With live-in care, you have a trained carer who lives with you; who is there for you 24 hours a day; who is there to help you to live life as you choose, in your own home. For our elderly clients, it means that they can carry on living at home, with their husband or wife, garden, pets, familiar circle of friends and neighbours. For our younger clients, it means that they can go to university, have a job, go to the pub, have a family life, and generally live life as they want it to be like. At Empathy Care, we don’t sympathize but we rather empathize for we know a good picture mirror itself as it is hence we will live with you to feel the same way you feel.

It is your decision to have somebody come and live with you and it is your choice to decide who you want to be around you. At Empathy Care, we will provide you with as much information as possible about an individual and a wider choice of well-trained individuals for you to choose. Your family can also help you make that choice and we will avail all information they may require. Choosing care for a loved one is not an easy decision, as every family situation is different. To make an informed choice you need to know your options and the difference between the types of care services available. You can have live-in care for as long as you like: two weeks, a month, every now and again to cover while a family carer has a break, or forever. It is up to you.

Who are our carers?

Our carers are just that, people who care, individual with the capability to work along you, respect your choice and upheld your private life. We have a rigorous recruitment process, but most of all we recruit individuals who have the right, caring attitude. It doesn’t matter what previous experience a carer has, as all carers go through our in-depth one week’s induction course where they are given the skills needed to go out and care for you or your loved one. There is nothing valuable as knowing you or your family is in the hands of an individual with knowledge, love and empathy.

Empathy Care sources, screens and takes detailed references in accordance with the recruitment industry’s strict professional guidelines.

Empathy Care equips and empowers all workers on the best way to engage with somebody using our service. You will have a detailed carer profile (or job description) before any engagement and ensuring a close match to client needs, interests and goals, all the way up to a successful introduction and carer engagement. You will have this service for as long as you require and you can end the support at any time.

All our Carers will go through all the mandatory training before they are assigned to support anyone. These are some of the mandatory training they are required to do:

  • Medication 
  • Personal care
  • Moving and handling
  • Abuse and safeguarding
  • Dementia
  • Cooking and mealtimes
  • Health and safety
  • First aid
  • Health and safety
  • Continence management and other healthcare procedures
  • Catheter management
  • Confidentiality
  • End of life care


What we do?

In addition to providing companionship, housekeeping duties and general personal care, we provide Carers for people with the following specific needs:

  • Dementia
At Empathy Care we feel consistency of routine and familiarity of surroundings are crucial when it comes to supporting somebody with dementia. Understanding the diagnosis shapes up the care to be delivered that is why we will provide somebody with a good understanding of Dementia.
  • Parkinson’s
People with this diagnosis live a life that has a particular routine and they will surely require a very detailed person centred support where routine is of utmost importance
  • Mental Health
At Empathy Care we do understand that mental health is an illness just like any other, hence caring for somebody with this diagnosis will require an individual with a clear understanding mental health. An individual able to see a person than an individual with mental illness will be able make well informed decisions, establish a routine and providing emotional support
  • Learning Disabilities (for both adults and children)
At Empathy Care we see the disability after seeing the human being than seeing a disabled person. Every worker is well trained to have good judgement when it comes to service delivery for somebody with disability. Disability is not inability and with enough support we provide you or your loved one will feel very much empowered and able.
  • Special needs (e.g. Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome)
It is important to have somebody around you who understand your diagnosis for they will be able to adjust to new challenges and new health and safety hazards. At a time where you or your loved are unable to manage doing things it is the time Empathy Care avail themselves.
  • Palliative and End of Life Care needs
Just as in any life style, it is very therapeutic to be around somebody who empathizes. Our carers understand the need for increased comfort and promoting dignity when dealing with palliative care. We do understand training equips the ability but true understanding drives capability.
  • Stroke and Cerebral pulse

At times life becomes very hard for an individual whenever their health has been affected. This is the time Empathy Care avail themselves and our well trained and experience workers will support you to achieve your daily needs. Summary of Our Services

i) Support is provided 24 hours a day 7 days a week*

ii)You are in charge of the support you need and want

iii)The services are available on a long term or short term (respite) basis

vi) Empathy Care Coordinators can carry out as many checks on the service as you request

v) Empathy Care workers can do anything that is safe and legal that will help you to live independently and able to make choices

vi) Our workers are carefully matched to your needs and preferences

vii) The actual price of an individual package of live in care is confirmed once a care assessment has been carried out. A care assessment covers someone’s holistic needs to ensure the most suitable care worker is identified.

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