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Partnership working: Our Clients

Good, quality and professional nursing practice is a therapeutic remedy towards the treatment of that in-need. Empathy Nursing recruits well trained and experienced nurses who can work in different healthcare set-up. Due to our philosophy of valuing people as individual, we always make it a policy that each staff member is well trained by the agency before any engagements irrespective of experience or qualification. It is our desire to deliver quality nursing service and this can only be achieved through the provision of up to date and professional guidelines. Our desire is to provide good quality service through our staff and our service is not limited to any particular group or clients for we have the capacity to provide staff for:

  • • Mental Health hospitals
  • • Private hospitals
  • • Residential and Nursing Homes
  • • General Nursing Hospitals
  • • Hospices
  • • Psychiatric Hospitals
  • • Rehabilitation Hospitals/Places
  • • Forensic Hospitals
  • • Children & Adolescence hospitals
  • • Learning Disabilities hospitals
  • • Individual's homes
  • • Day Centre’s

n the event that you are looking for a provider to avail reliable, trustworthy, hardworking and professional individuals, Empathy Nursing is your answer. We have a dedicated Contracts and Procurement team to take you stage by stage on how you can work along with Empathy Nursing. This team will give you enough information about our services and you will not be rushed to make a decision until satisfied.

Partnership working: Our Employees

Empathy Nursing is a nursing agency that will put you at the very heart of our business. When you work with Empathy Nursing you benefit from a truly committed employer, which puts you and your nursing career first at the same time supporting you to achieve your desired results. It is our desire and hope that you will be able to realise your potential when it comes to healthcare service delivery and it is our aim to deliver a complete recruitment service that starts and ends with you. You will be empowered to be in charge from the very day you approach our recruitment team.

he recruitment consultants will surely take time to listen to you and care as much about your individual needs as you do about the patients you will care for. The application of such attention gives Empathy Nursing the ability to recruit individuals who will perfectly match with our clients requests. Our recruitment process will give you a clear guidance of the process and you will be allocated with a unique number that you will use when contacting us about the progress of your application but in most cases we will contact you.

At Empathy Nursing, we have a job for every professional within the healthcare and nursing care sector. There is absolutely nothing as good as doing the job you like, the job one has been trained to do and the job one has so much experience.

It is through our ability to recruit and match individual professionals to their jobs that has made us a preferred employer and provider. We recruit staff for the following areas:

  • • Paediatric intensive Care Unit nurse (PICU)
  • • Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit nurse (NICU)
  • • Registered Midwife (RM)
  • • Health Care Assistant
  • • Accident & Emergency nurse (A&E)
  • • Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit nurse (PICU)
  • • Psychiatric Forensic Care Unit nurse (PFCU)


If you want to join our ever-growing team of professionals, this is the time for you to contact us by either email or telephone straight away. The following stages illustrate our recruitment process:

  • • Completion of Application form
  • • Interview invitation & decision
  • • References for successful applicants
  • • Required checks carried out
  • • Professional board registration checks (qualified nurses)
  • • Induction training
  • • Professional development and further updates
  • • Familiarisation with the job and place of work (shadowing)

Further information about our recruitment will be provided to all our successful candidates. The opportunity to meet our current staff will make you understand the organisation you are joining.

Call us: 0116 253 1832 or 0116 2623284

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